Products and outputs

The RODOS project will bring two essential benefits for the Czech Republic. The first one consists in preparation of instruments to increase efficiency of the traffic system in the Czech Republic where all technologies and applications will be implemented in the form of pilot operation. They will be thus ready to be put to work in real-life conditions in the Czech Republic. The implementation of modern methods of traffic organization and control is essential in order to maintain competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the situation when increasing globalization of national economies and integration of Central and Eastern European countries create new requirements for transport system performance. The second benefit lies in the possibility of introducing complex development analysis and mobility management system at the markets outside of the Czech Republic. Gained knowledge and developed technologies will be included in the portfolios of private companies that operate at foreign markets in the field of intelligent transport systems. Considering high level of innovation and selected application method, it is reasonable to expect them to be successful.


  • An innovative static system for traffic control outside of urban areas – unlike current line management, the system is able to work with new data and models, and it will also handle more flexible reaction based on broader spectrum of input data
  • A mobile system for traffic control outside of urban areas – this solution makes it possible to regulate and handle traffic flow at road construction sites, completely independently of the surrounding infrastructure, utilizing the Dynamic Mobility Model with ’knowledge’ of surrounding traffic conditions
  • Centralized system for urban traffic control – the system provides ’artificial intelligence‘ to optimize the settings of traffic signaling and traffic light networks
  • Passenger vehicle toll system – in addition to the architecture of these systems, various methods for charging tolls are developed, including all relevant inputs such as tariffs or ranges, making it possible to charge passenger vehicle tolls based on actual road and highway use

Technology and applications

The program of the Center for the Development of Transportation Systems will generate the following applications and technologies to be incorporated into existing infrastructure:
  • New technologies for the collection of transportation and mobility data – technology which uses a sampling methods to collect data from an assortment of tens of thousands of floating vehicles via GSM networks
  • Comprehensive database of passenger and goods mobility in the Czech Republic – a physical database with a unique spectrum of data and a collection and sharing interface for use by related sub-systems
  • Dynamic Mobility Model – a platform integrating transportation infrastructure, emission, energy-demand-use and meteorological models bringing the highest possible knowledge of real-time passenger and goods mobility situation and providing prediction of future progression and support for emergency management
  • User-oriented tool for mobility management – an application which flexibly optimizes current traffic on road infrastructure, routes or timetables of public transport in real time based on all available data and advanced behavioral models
  • Applications for passengers, drivers – using internet connectivity, drivers will be also able to use their smartphones, navigation devices, tablets and notebooks to plan their journeys based on current traffic conditions
  • Applications for transportation experts – specialized systems to support key strategic decision-making in the development of the highway infrastructure, the introduction of regulatory measures, etc.


The RODOS Center will also naturally guarantee and provide top-level services required in order to assure the smooth deployment and problem-free operation of the developed systems, applications and technologies in the Czech Republic as well as in other countries. These services will include, among others:
  • Systems operation – a comprehensive service for the startup and long-term operation of traffic control solutions in a given locality
  • Software update service – ongoing updates of all software components that are part of the traffic control solution
  • Software upgrade service – installation of the latest version of applications which are incorporated into the functionality of a traffic control system
  • Technology upgrade – replacement of or addition to used technologies based on the latest equipment available on global markets
  • Service Desk and helpdesk service – a comprehensive information helpdesk and support service for customers and users, along with the ability of efficient intervention in case of outages or the occurrence of other problematic or non-standard situations
  • Preventive maintenance – regular service checks enabling stable operation of the systems without breakdowns or outages
  • Remote supervision – detailed monitoring of all system components to prevent any possible problems either in advance or to resolve them as soon as possible
  • Data services – fast and reliable high-capacity data transfers among all sub-systems
  • Consulting services – consulting and advisory services available before, during and after the implementation of a traffic control solution.

Application domains of the RODOS centre